The Shepherd’s Gate Dairy Goat Farm

Jennifer Poirier creating Pistachio Gelato from fresh goat milk.

Natural Dairy Goat Products Made On-Site.

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We sell to the general public as well as businesses such as restaurants and bakeries.


Located in Holland, Massachusetts on a combination of woodland and pasture, the Shepherd's Gate is home to a small herd of LaMancha dairy goats that produce all the milk used in creating a variety of delicious and nutritious cheeses and desserts.

Our does enjoy the tranquility of their habitat. They can often be found bouncing off of boulders and "dancing" through the field. Our goats are raised on a natural feeding and healthcare program without artificial hormones.

We are a small family operated farm, marketing our products through Farmer's Markets, Neighborhood and Specialty Shops. Due to our rigorous schedule in the marketing season, our farm is not open to the public.  Please call to place an order or arrange for a convenient time for a pick-up.

Jennifer Poirier

The Shepherd’s Gate

131 Union Rd

Holland, MA 01521

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